About Us


School History

This school history was compiled by Head of School, Don Fournier, on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the school. It is shared here in celebration of our legacy as Ecuador’s American International School and in memory of Mr. Fournier.

About Us

Academia Cotopaxi’s mission drives our school – it is the compass that guides us ever forward to the future. Like Ecuador’s history, we are a school in motion, blending familiar traditions with new ideas, adapting to a fast-paced, changing world.


The school sits on 4 hectares of property and is strategically located to serve the full metropolitan area of Quito including the surrounding Tumbaco and Los Chillos valleys.

Official Documents

Visit our official documents page for information on operations of Academia Cotopaxi including our Health and Safety Committee, resolutions from the Ministry of Education, referential pricing etc.


Ecuador is located on the northwestern coast of South America, straddling latitude 0° at the “Middle of the World”. The country holds a dazzling array of landscapes and places to explore.

Emergency Procedures

We have procedures for every eventuality and we conduct (and report on) emergency drills regularly. If you have a question about our emergency procedures, please speak to your child’s teacher and/or request a meeting with the Principal of your child’s division.

A nine-person Board of Trustees governs the school. The Director reports to the Board and, together with the administrative team, leads the school towards fulfillment of the mission, the strategic plan and the core values of the school.
Welcome! In our cheerful, upbeat environment, members of our community are happy, engaged, and empowered. Come join us and help make this school an even more extraordinary place.
The Admin Team is the senior leadership team of the school, and their purpose is to lead the school towards fulfillment of the mission, the strategic plan and the core values of the school.
Learn about our Strategic Plan and celebrate our progress towards meeting various end results.
This document applies to all adults, including parents, guardians, step-parents, grandparents, extended family, caregivers, visitors, faculty and staff and any others, where appropriate, while involved in activities or communication related to Academia Cotopaxi including IMAGINE and The One Institute.