HS Dec18

This last week of the year is also the last year of exams for our High School students. Lots of work in this last stretch. Thursday is mainly for make-up exams. Please note that Thursday is a half day.

Let me please take this opportunity to send all of you my warmest wishes for this winter break. Enjoy time with your family and friends. Rest. Relax. Read a good book. Have fun and see you next year!

Extended Essay morning On Thursday
This is a great opportunity to have a nice chunk of work done before the break. All full IB Diploma candidates are expected from 8 to 12 on Thursday.

Miniature Golf course 
The students of HS Design Tech have created a small Miniature Golf course this semester, and this week we invite everyone to stop by the HS Learning Commons to enjoy a quick game!  We hope to see you on the greens! 

From Athletics
Happy Holidays to all and thank you for your support during Season 1. Season 2 practices begin on January 7th for HS and January 14th for MS.
Season 2 Offerings:
Middle School:    Basketball and Swimming.
High School:        Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer and Swimming

2019-2020 Course Registrations
The HS will be beginning the course registration process for the 2019-2020 school year on Monday, January 21st during GC time. 

Thank you!
Fred Bordaguibel 
High School Principal