MS Dec11

I hope that everyone has had a nice long weekend celebrating fiestas de Quito. Now, we have 4 days to be reviewing in class, in study support and at home before the start of the exams on Friday morning. Let’s have a strong finish for this semester 1.

Exam schedule
Here is the exam schedule. We are starting on Friday morning. Please note that Friday is also a half day.

Use of school facilities
Reminder: the use of our school facilities. For security, no student can be in school outside of the school hours. Please review the extract of the handbook:
Students may be on campus outside of school hours ONLY if they are participating in a supervised activity, working directly with a member of the AC staff, or are in a supervised area (such as the Library or the HS Learning Commons). Students may not use the sports facilities, including the soccer fields and basketball courts, without adult supervision

High School Counseling
December can be a stressful month for students as they prepare for exams. This is a great opportunity to sit down with your students to go over their study plan with them (How will they organize their time?  How will they limit distractions while studying? Do they have questions for specific teachers and need to attend some after school sessions or set up a meeting with a teacher?). Breaks and rest are also very important to recharge and allow the brain to store what they have learned. If you see that your son or daughter is having a particularly hard time feel free to contact Ms. Keyes for some extra support.

College Counseling
12th grade parents: December 17th is the last day that the College Counseling Office will be giving feedback on essays and supplemental essays that are due for U.S. university applications that are due from January 1st to January 7th.  

HS Athletics
QISSA Season 1 has come to an end and this week our athletes are trying out for their Season 2 sports. The offerings for Season 2 are:
-    Basketball for boys and girls
-    Swimming for boys and girls
-    Soccer for boys
We have two CAISSA Tournaments this semester:
-CAISSA Soccer Tournament in Dominican Republic from January 30 to February 3.
-CAISSA Basketball Tournament in Quito from March 27 to March 31.

Thank you!
Fred Bordaguibel 
High School Principal