HS Oct2

Last week, our seniors pledged allegiance and paid respect to the Ecuadorian flag. This was a beautiful ceremony of the Jura a la Bandera and we are extremely proud of our students of the class of 2019.

College Counseling Corner
Please take a look at our updated College Visit Calendar through the end of October.
The PSAT will be offered to 11th graders at Academia Cotopaxi on Saturday, October 13th, at 9am.  Mr. Wasser will communicate directly with 11th graders and 11th grade parents on Monday, October 1st with registration details.

Grade Check
I am checking grades regularly and will write to parents and students when grades are 3 or below. Let me also encourage you to check skyward regularly to check grades and connect with High School teachers when you have a question. The 1st quarter ends on October 19th and we will have student-led conference on October 25th.

Your Expertise Requested
At Academia Cotopaxi, we believe we Learn in Community.  We invite parents to be part of our learning by sharing their areas of expertise with students.  We welcome professionals or hobbyists to share your knowledge and passions, or host field trips at your place of work. Please indicate your interest and willingness to be a learning resource by completing the form below.  
Share Your Expertise form
Our librarian, Jill Egan, will respond to and coordinate all volunteers.

IB Corner
The Extended Essay Gallery Walk/Showcase will be on Monday, October 29th from 10:55-11:55am. This event is the culmination of 10 months of work by our Seniors who have completed the IB Extended Essay (Monografia). During the hour they will be displaying their work and answering questions about their topic and process for the EE. Parents, friends and relatives are welcome to celebrate this piece of academic work. 

Cougar Corner
Upcoming Games:
10/3    JV & Varsity Boys Volleyball hosts Einstein. Games begin at 4:15.
10/4    JV & Varsity Girls Volleyball travels to Einstein. Games begin at 4:15.
10/10    Varsity Girls Soccer hosts Americano. Game begins at 4:15.

Fred Bordaguibel
HS Principal