ES Sep25

Back To School Night - Thank you and presentation
Thank you for attending Back to School Night.  Here’s a link to our auditorium presentation.  If you are curious about the numbers we presented, you can access them with  this document.  If you were not able to attend, please contact your child’s teacher for information on what was missed.  You especially want to contribute with your promise to your child on how you will support their learning!

Coming up - Goals’ Conferences
You will be invited to schedule your child’s Goals conference on Oct. 2.  On this day, you will attend with your child and should plan on a one-hour campus visit (per child).  Your child will come to your scheduled time with you and leave with you.  Please read this letter for details.

WhatsApp groups 
Your parent representatives will form WhatsApp groups this week.  You will receive the following message:
Both parents have been added to our Class WhatsApp chat.  You may choose to exit the chat, yet we ask that at least one parent is included for each student.  We will use this chat for class and school related messages.  Link to guidelines.
All parent representatives are invited to attend our first meeting on October 4 at 1 p.m. Parent Reps will receive information via WhatsApp.
Inquiry Corner
At our PYP Assembly Grade 3 students will showcase their learning on how Digital Citizenship enables us to use technology to further enhance our learning.  Each student in Grade 3 is an expert on how to use technology as a tool for learning, how to continue to maintain a balance with technology use, and how to keep ourselves safe with the use of technology.  

During this week ask your child what they learned from our technological experts in Grade 3, how that will impact how they use technology from now on, and what changes will you implement at home with technology?  

Thank you Grade 3 for inspiring each of us to use technology in a safe, respectful, and responsible way!

Paola de Pereira
ES Principal