We had a great start in the High School and it is particularly pleasing to see how much our Associated Student Body (ASB) ran their first High School Assembly.

Our ASB also organised some team building activities for 9th and 10th graders on Thursday afternoon and our first House field day on Friday. 

This week, 9th, 10th and 11th graders are off to their week without wall trips where the main focus is on service learning. Our Senior class will stay for their traditional Senior retreat at school. They will be busy with several items: College applications, CAS, ToK, Extended Essay and any another other relevant tasks.

Have a great week everyone!

English Classes 
If you want to learn/practice English, please refer to the school wide announcement of classes offered through the One Institute or contact theoneinstitute@cotopaxi.k12.ec,
(593-2)382-3270 Ext. 1702

Counseling Corner
As students transition back to school they can feel many emotions from excitement to nervousness. For some it can be difficult to reconnect with friends after summer break and also they might be missing friends who have left. It can be helpful to encourage your student to invite others over to hang out or study together on the weekends. Also, joining clubs and sports can be a great way to connect with new friends. Students will be proposing student-led clubs after Discover Ecuador. Please support this great social and leadership opportunity by encouraging your student to join in or perhaps start a new club.  As always, you can contact me if you have concerns about your student’s social-emotional wellbeing at dkeyes@cotopaxi.k12.ec.

Fred Bordaguibel
HS Principal