It is wonderful to witness all the growth that your children demonstrate.  These weeks, teachers and students are reflecting on this growth and on Wednesday, May 30 we will hold a “step-up” time to the next grade level.  During their visit to the next grade, the focus will be on learning what will be new, same, different, and responding to student wonderings.  Students who will be leaving to other places at the end of the school year, will have a special time run by the counselors to support that transition.  

We are having initial placement conversations, and our final class lists will be announced in August.  As is the nature of our international community, there are changes to our enrollment over the summer and we take into consideration many factors (e.g.: academic background, mother language, gender, friendships, learning support needs, ELL needs, gender, etc.) in order for classes to have a make-up that is the most conducive to learning.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Service Learning Campaigns
Below are opportunities for your families to contribute to different service learning campaigns from different divisions.  All donations can be brought to the elementary office.

First Graders’ Invitation!
Grade one students are taking action to help provide the Venezuelan refugees with items they need such as food, water and money. They will be using their PYP assembly to both collect donations and sell items to raise money to help the refugees. To make this action as successful as possible we need as many donations as we can get. The slide show will explain what items people can donate. Please feel free to drop off donations at any grade one classroom or the elementary office: Grade 1 Donation Request for Venezuela
Backpacks and thoughtful cards...
The backpack and school supply drive begins this week.  Share with your children that they can donate their used backpacks for children who cannot afford backpacks.  This is a great opportunity for children to get involved.  We encourage children to write a letter that will go in the backpack with well wishes for a great new school year for the child who will receive their backpack.
Newspaper needed!
Emily, a 10th grade student, is conducting a newspaper drive to complete her GIN project:  "Weaving for Venezuelans", which consists on creating and selling paper baskets to raise funds for Venezuelan refugees. 

Support local orphanage with infant formula & powdered milk
From Julia, a Middle School student, “The objective of my project is to help Hogar Para sus Niños in every way possible. I visit to provide support and also ask for donations for their 52 children (26 babies and 26 kids).  I will hold a drive for powdered milk from the May 21 to June 1. The donations will be taken to the orphanage on June 10th.”  See Julia’s video invitation here.

Paola de Pereira
ES Principal