April is here!  I hope you enjoyed a wonderful time with your children over the Spring Break.  This morning, children’s voices warmed up our school during recess.  It is such an inspiration to watch your children’s intelligence as it unfolds through their play, their learning and their connections.  When observing, we see how impactful relationships are and we want to thank you for listening to your children’s expressions and connecting with them.  

On a different note, I wanted to ask for your support in two main areas:  The first is related to school dress code.  Please help your children to meet the dress code expectations.  While a coat of your choice is acceptable, shirts and sweatshirts and sweaters should all meet the guidelines and have the school logo.  The second is related to toys and the now popular World Cup albums and exchangeable stickers.  Please make sure your children leave toys and the albums and stickers/cards at home.  Teachers will also remind students about these two areas.

I look forward to seeing you here for Bingo Night on Friday beginning at 5 p.m.!  

Paola de Pereira
ES Principal