In a school setting, we keep student learning and well being at the forefront of every decision. To foster a growth minded culture and imbue an ethos of lifelong learning, all community members are offered personal and professional growth opportunities. This week at AC our faculty and staff have several such opportunities. Spanish teachers will meet with a language consultant, our learning support team will delve into “Supporting and Measuring Growth For Students with Learning Differences,” Teacher Leaders will attend a workshop on school leadership, and several of our faculty will be presenting at and/or attending the AASSA Educators Conference here in Quito. It is an exciting week of growth, with experiences tailored to help us refine our practice of personalizing learning for your child.
From the MS Counselor
Continuing on with our theme of emotions, we have been working with all Middle School students during Cougar Time to learn the skills to identify and manage strong emotions. The learning targets for this week's lesson were for students to be able to identify a list of coping skills to practice with, become more aware of their emotional responses, and to reflect or reframe the situation before reacting.
As the article Adolescence and Processing Painful Emotion suggests, schools should "offer middle school students a class in understanding emotion and emotional self-management."  At Academia Cotopaxi we recognize the importance of Social-Emotional learning which is why we use Cougar Time to address these needs. When you get a free moment this week, please read and use the information in this article to help you connect with your child and open up a conversation about emotions.
I hope you have a delightful week.
With kind regards,

Sheryl Gruber
Middle School Principal
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"We are responsible for being informed global citizens who understand and affect positive change."