Freedom from Chemical Dependency is here. Mr. Eduardo Torres returned to AC again this year, his third year straight of working with our community regarding alcohol and drug use. He presented the latest Brain Research regarding the effects of alcohol and drug use on the teenage brain. He also suggested that some common agreements need to be made as grade level communities so that weekend parties are safe and promote healthy decisions.

Thank you for your support of the Gift Drive. Boxes are coming in to support our wider community and our students are eager to help on Thursday. I hope your child will attend school on Thursday. Your support of this initiative by having your child attend and be useful helps us develop empathy within our student body and gain momentum for our CAS Program in the HS.

Exams are three weeks away. Thank you for supporting your child by helping him/her maintain a calendar of study, planning time for each course to be ready for exams. We shared the exam schedule with all students, please ask your child to review it with you.

Garth Wyncoll
High School Principal