HS Final


Dear Academia Cotopaxi Community, 

I would like to announce that next year I will become the Head of School at the Bali Island School in Bali, Indonesia. While I look forward to the challenges and opportunities this position will provide me and my family, both Jackie and I are sad to say goodbye to Academia Cotopaxi, the faculty and staff, the students and you the families we now call friends. Our time in Ecuador has been full of smiles and laughter. We have gained a greater appreciation for Latin America, not only for its beauty and diversity, but also for its love of family and the importance this plays in all aspects of life. Our children have grown up next to yours. We thank you for making our family feel at home here, welcomed and loved. 

I would like to thank the Academia Cotopaxi Community for allowing me to serve the school for the past three years. The division has policies and procedures in place now that set the students and faculty up for success. I am so excited to hear the IB results, SAT and MAP scores over the next few years as I know they will show a dramatic increase. Lastly, I would like to thank the Administrative team that I am proud to have worked beside for the past three years. This team works tirelessly to improve all aspects of the school; making Academia Cotopaxi not only a caring, gentle and kind place to learn, but also making it highly competitive in all regards among International schools both in Latin America and the world. Director Heide has set the school on a bold path of innovation and inclusion, I have learned so much from her and will take all of this with me to my new role.

I commit to making your child’s HS experience both memorable and rewarding throughout my remaining time at Academia Cotopaxi. Thank you for your continued support of our program.
Loyally, Garth Wyncoll

Upcoming Dates

  • Band and Orchestra Concert - Nov 16 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Freedom from Chemical Dependency Parent Presentation - Nov 20 at 6:00 p.m.  Learn how alcohol and drugs affect an adolescent’s brain and learn how you as parents can affect your child’s use of and access to these products. 

IB Payment

Parents whose students are going to take IB exams in May 2018 can connect with our cashier to make the payment by January 15, 2018. Thank you!

Garth Wyncoll
High School Principal