Our elementary classes cheered for our Special Olympics athletes and visitors.  Children learn about inclusion through engagement!

When children are empowered, the limit to their action is endless.  In our elementary division, homework consists of daily reading which we hope you are enjoying with your children.  Reading in your child’s mother language is extremely valuable; enjoy this special time with them.  Some teachers may connect with you to also include specific recommendations to support students’ understanding or skill building.  Yet, the power behind a modified homework policy comes with the possibility of giving children more time to engage in areas that they are passionate about; in solving problems that they have posed related to real-life experiences; or to answer higher level questions that they are wondering about… These creative actions are what we call “Inspiration Projects.”  Grades 3, 4, and 5 students are asked to use a template to organize and present their work. Here’s the link to the template if any of you would like to use this with your children.

“Mix it up lunch”

From grades Kinder through 5, students will experience sitting with friends in the cafeteria that they do not regularly sit with. In their classes, students will be preparing for these different interactions and will discuss inclusion, open-mindedness, tolerance, how they felt, etc.

We hope that you have a wonderful break and invite you to ask your children about what they have learned about the traditions in Ecuador around this holiday.  

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal