Special Olympics was truly a special event last week. It was a joy to see the AC inclusion vision in action. Our Middle School students were fully immersed in the event, as soccer players, percussionists, and supporters! This week we continue to see inclusion, in the form of cultural inclusion, as we celebrate UN Day and the national diversity represented within our community.

Spirit Week

Yes, your child was correct when s/he told you that pajamas were the school attire on Monday! We continue with special dress themes throughout this week:

Oct 23 - Pajama Day
Oct 24 - Parade of Nations (national dress/country colors)
Oct 25 - Formal/Dress-up Day
Oct 26 - Mismatch Day
Oct 27 - Costume Day

Progress Reports, MAP results, Conferences - MAP test results and Quarter 1 Progress Reports are scheduled to go out on November 13. Your child will have the opportunity to conference with his/her teachers about MAP scores between now and November 13. MS Parent/Student/Teacher conferences are held on November 15. More details to follow closer to the conference date.

IB Learner Profile

In addition to using the IB Learner Profile for student goals, the Middle School has committed to using the Profile (page 8 of the MS Handbook) as the foundation for how our students approach learning, both in and out of the classroom. This is in line with both the Elementary and High School and our overall AC values. Thus, you will no longer see the HALs on student reports, but rather you will read teacher comments regarding how your child is developing in relation to the Learner Profile. I look forward to conversations with you about how you can also support this aspect of your child’s development at home.
With kind regards,


Sheryl Gruber
Middle School Principal

"We are responsible for being informed global citizens who understand and affect positive change."