Community Experts

This year at Academia Cotopaxi, we have developed a new initiative to include parents as often as we can to help our students learn our curriculum better. We have asked parents to share their areas of expertise so that our students can learn from you and make authentic connections to their studies. Thank you to so many people who have responded to our survey to Share Your Expertise!  We are amazed by the wide range of skills and interests represented in our parent community and we are already using these connections in our classrooms. Do you have a hobby, skill or job experience that you'd like to share with students?  We invite you to volunteer by completing the Share Your Expertise form.  Thank you!

From the HS Counselor

Did you know that adolescents need 8-10 hours of sleep each night?  I have talked with many students in the past few weeks who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Some of the signs of not getting enough sleep include:

  • Trouble waking up most mornings
  • Irritability in the early afternoon
  • Falling asleep easily during the day
  • A sudden drop in grades
  • Sleeping for very long periods on the weekends

You can support your child by talking with him/her about getting enough sleep, prioritizing activities and homework, and leaving cell phones, computers and TV’s out of their bedroom.

Athletics Update

The QISSA League Volleyball Tournament is coming to an end. This week our JV and Varsity teams will be taking part in the “playoffs” and next week we will have the QISSA Finals. The JV Invitational Tournament hosted by Einstein takes place this Friday and Saturday. To close the Volleyball season, Alliance Academy will host the Varsity AASSA Tournament on the 27th and 28th of this month.

Season 2
Girls Soccer and Boys Basketball begins on the week of October 30th. Monday and Tuesday will be “Open Court/Pitch”, and Varsity Tryouts will be on Wednesday and Thursday of that week.

Garth Wyncoll
High School Principal