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The School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age or national origin in relation to hiring, salary, benefits, retention or promotion at the school.

The school will hire only the best, most highly qualified and experienced professional staff available. Preference is given to candidates with overseas experience, specific experience with the International Baccalaureate programs, and/or ability to coach or supervise other extra-curricular activities that are part of the school program. Other qualifications are based on research into effective teaching and assessment, collaborative skills, and other characteristics indicating a history of effective work with young people similar to those we serve.


Current Openings

If you are interested in one of these positions or if you know a professional interested to working with us, please click on the link next to the opening position and  attach your letter of intent and resume.




Openings - Apply Here 


Academia Cotopaxi is opening the recruitment season for 2020-2021. If you are interested in applying, please complete this Application Form and please be specific the position you are applying to.


Job description HS Principal


  • Relevant advanced graduate degrees
  • Previous administrative experience in a comparably sized institution
  • Contemporary knowledge of educational research, important trends and best practices for High School
  • Successful teaching experience with a solid understanding of developmental needs of High School students 
  • Experience in leading other educators towards innovative instructional practices, including active leadership for technology integration, standards-based curriculum, assessment for learning, and service learning
  • Familiarity or experience with the IB Diploma program 
  • Experience in and adaptable to living in a multicultural environment and working with a diverse community
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills
  • Creative, alternative thinker, open to new ideas and different perspectives, solution-focused, risk-taker
  • Bilingual abilities preferred, but not required (English and Spanish)
  • Interest in learning Spanish and about Ecuadorian culture
  • Able to bring respect, empathy, and humor to difficult situations

Openings - Apply Here 



Job description AP HS & IB Coordinator


  • Educational leadership experience (Assistant principal, athletics director, department chair, team leader, committee chair)
  • IB Diploma Coordination experience
  • Certification in Educational Leadership and/or  PTC International School Leadership certification
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in grades 6 to 12
  • Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills which allow candidate to work effectively with students, parents, teachers, and other administrators
  • Ability to use and apply current tools of technology to enhance student learning and teacher instruction
  • Ability to use and apply current tools of technology to enhance student learning and teacher instruction
  • Commitment to schools Mission and Vision, and ability to support the direction of the school in both words and action
  • Willingness to take a leadership role in a student activity
  • Proficient use of English, Spanish preferred or sincere commitment to learning Spanish

Openings - Apply Here 


Administrative & Educational Support Positions

No Administrative & Educational Support positions available at this time.



Academia Cotopaxi International School is in search of high quality substitute teachers to consolidate our professional educators' database.
Academia Cotopaxi  is a diverse community and we welcome dynamic, forward thinking individuals who reflect our student body, and who are committed to promoting student growth.
If you are interested to be part of the Substitute Program at AC, please fill this form. All information will be reviewed and only candidates who meet the requirements will be contacted. 


  • English: Native Speaker or complete fluency with all aspects of English language
  • Background in education and/or degree in education
  • Experience as a teacher (preferred) - Elementary, Middle and High School
  • Experienced in English for High School (IB)
  • Immediate availability or as part of our available resources

If interested, please fill the Substitute Application Form

English and Spanish Teachers the One Institute

Academia Cotopaxi needs experienced English teachers for The ONE Institute (our language learning center). Here is what we look for:

  • English: Native Speaker or complete fluency with all aspects of English language
  • Background in education, language learning or business English.
  • Experience as a teacher and degree in education (preferred).
  • Immediate availability or as part of our available resources.
  • Work authorization for Ecuador.

If interested, please fill the Substitute Application Form


At Academia Cotopaxi we are fully committed to education, ongoing learning and professional development. We are hoping to create early relationships with local universities and potential future educators and professionals in related areas.  We are interested in continuing with our mission of learning in community, attracting young professionals to be part of our AC family, while developing mutual opportunities to enhance the educational program we have for our children.

This is an invitation to be part of this process. Please fill this form if you are interested in applying to the Internship program  at AC, IMAGINE and The One Institute.

Please submit your Internship Application Form


Future Opportunities - Expression of Interest

At Academia Cotopaxi we live the international staff turnover as an opportunity to grow and improve. A normal turnover contributes to our goals of diversity and inclusion; allows us to have periodically best practices review; all in an environment of respect, open minded and collaboration, that enriches our staff professional experiences. 

We recognize that an early recruitment planning process will help to the school to achieve better our hiring goals, therefore we encourage educators who are interested to plan ahead your next international movement, lets us know your potential interest in Academia Cotopaxi for the future. 

The interest of outstanding candidates will be confirmed by AC in order to have ready a database of pre-qualified candidates to be  contacted once the position is advertised. We want to be your first option in your next step of your career.

If interested, please fill the Expression of Interest Form


Recruiting Resources

We advertise all our openings on our school website as well as our faculty openings on the websites of several international recruitment organizations:

  • Search Associates
  • International Schools Services
  • UNI
  • TIE
  • GRC

We attend several international recruitment fairs every year to interview possible candidates. Interested applicants are invited to review current openings and requirements to see if there is a position for which they are qualified.

All applications are reviewed but we are unable to respond to the hundreds of applications we receive annually. Candidates whose profile matches our needs will be contacted directly.


Be Aware of Potential Recruiting Scams

Academia Cotopaxi has been alerted by schools in various parts of the world that teachers seeking overseas employment have been approached by various individuals or groups running scams and requesting money.

These individuals/groups claim to be a reputable school (or assume the identity of an existing, reputable school) and ask teachers and/or administrators seeking overseas employment to send them money to assist in the payment of a work visa, interview or application fees, plane tickets, or other recruitment related costs. Please know that no legitimate school will ask any teacher or administrator to pay them to obtain a job and/or work visa. If you have been asked by an international school to send money to cover such costs, you are probably the target of an elaborate scam. Be aware that these fraudulent activities seem to becoming more frequent. Do not send money or pass on banking information to any school seeking professionals to come work with them.

All international candidates are urged to be diligent in investigating potential schools during the recruiting process and prior to signing a contract. Use extreme caution if you have been asked for money or private information. You may also contact the Human Resources Director, if you have any questions related to the recruitment process.