Dear Families,

Thank you for your continued partnership and feedback. For last week we received 113 responses and are grateful to have your participation which helps us understand the home perspective and continue to reflect on our practices. Your teachers will have sent out communications regarding how our distance learning structure is continuing and also about added elements that include more opportunities for community building sessions and meetings with groups. Thank you for being ready to support your children so that they can join Zoom meetings with teachers, assistants and classmates.

As I had written a couple of weeks ago, our children will remember our actions during these days, more than they will remember what they learned in any subject. Teachers are working very hard to provide personal feedback to students and are being rewarded with beautiful expressions from their students who are proud to post what they can do at home, what they do with parents, what they do with their siblings and what they are learning. I am sure that you are also creating experiences at home that your children will remember with fondness, with laughter, and with gratitude.

As the weeks go by, our minds and hearts are invaded with feelings and thoughts.  We go through feelings of wonder, of fear… we experience anxiety and sadness.  Yet, we turn to our children, and see them continuing to smile, to play, to learn and to love. More than ever, their expressions of childhood are our inspiration.

As educators, we know that this experience is like no other experience, and we think of the time when we will open our doors at school and how ready we will be to receive each of the children who walk in. There will be children who spent a lot of time reading, others who did a ton of science experiments, others who built fortress after fortress, others who danced a lot, others who learned how to cook meals, others who found a love for mathematics, others who discovered a new passion, others who reconnected with their siblings… We will be ready to embrace children wherever they are in their learning and wherever they are in their emotions. That is our commitment to them.  

How you interact with your child, how you cuddle together, how you dance and sing together, and how you admire their discoveries and creations may be what they remember most. Thank you for creating those memories for them to hold dearly!

Below is a summary of the findings (trends only) from your feedback this week for the division. We look at the different grade levels and share information with teachers to continue to improve the experience for all families.

What’s Working

  • Many comments about positive impact of live conferences with teachers, counselors, and classmates.
  • Schedule posted by teachers.
  • Flexibility in the schedule.
  • Mini-lessons.
  • Getting lessons on Monday.
  • Several comments about content that was interesting.
  • Work from specialists seen as engaging.
  • Communication between home and school was noted many times.
  • Increased student motivation this week.


  • Live connection is a priority (with classmates and with teachers).
  • challenges with technology related to links not working or videos not loading.
  • Not following a daily schedule or routine.
  • Difficulty with balancing home and work commitments although this was significantly lower than Week 1. 
  • Keeping children motivated and concentrating especially with 2+ children at home was also noted.
  • A significant number of parents noted there was too much work or screen time, while a few felt the opposite that there was not enough. 

On Friday, we will send out suggestions for Spring break for your family during a continued time of quarantine. 

With appreciation,
Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal