Library Policies


Library Policies

All students, teachers and parents are encouraged to regularly borrow books from the Library.



  • Students are allowed to borrow up to five books at a time.  Parents may borrow ten books.  Teachers have unlimited checkout.
  • The borrowing period is two weeks.
  • Books may be renewed once.


Overdue, Lost or Damaged Books   

  • If a student has books overdue for longer than one week, he or she may not be allowed to borrow more books until returning the others.
  • Students and parents are notified about overdue books through an automatic email service.
  • If a book is not returned after two months, it will be considered lost, and the family will be asked to pay the replacement cost.
  • If a student returns a book that is damaged and unable to be repaired, a bill for the cost of replacement will be issued.



The Library selects materials that contribute to the cultural, educational and recreational enrichment of our diverse community  The Library affirms each individual’s freedom to read and access all library materials.