“You have to do what you love. Things are never as easy as you think they will be...”



What is Ahmad doing?

Ahmad went to BABSON COLLEGE and obtained a BA of Science in Business Management.
He is CEO of Inca’s Treasure where they seek to make people feel special and be inspired with the passion for healthy living. They have found that the real treasure of the Andes is the fertility of our soil. The company has its own crops where ancestral knowledge and technology come together to achieve high-yield crops thus maximizing the nutritional value of the land. The processing plant is the world's most advanced for Andean grains; it treats every grain carefully and thus preserves all its nutritional properties with the highest quality standards. Their 18 products make them internationally recognized leaders in the superfoods market segment.

Ahmad´s thoughts and learnings from Academia Cotopaxi

“You have to do what you love. Things are never as easy as you think they will be. There will be days when being an entrepreneur will be really tough. That is when passion comes in and that is when you show what you are made of. Gold is tested in fire. And so you will be tested as well. If you do not love what you do, you will never make it.
My time at AC was unforgettable. Everyday was a new adventure with our studies and friends. AC taught me to be a world citizen. It's not only a privilege to be part of this world but have the responsibility to be an active member in my community. AC helped me expand my horizons by giving me the tools necessary to play that active part in society.”