Why Choose AC

Why Chose AC
  1. We know who we are. This year we celebrate 60 years of educational excellence, guided by our school mission and core values, we embrace change as a key feature of life. We know what we value and believe in, and we know where we want to go in the future as we evolve to meet the demands of a fast-paced, ever-changing world. We are a school in motion, continually evolving and improving to ensure that we provide the best service for our community.
  2. Standards assure quality. We are led by a Board of Trustees who love the school and believe in our future. Our Board of Trustees oversee the fiduciary, strategic and generative elements of our school’s future. Three external organizations assure our accreditation - the NEASC, the IBO as well as the local Ministry of Education. We are officially sponsored by the US State Department of Education and deliver a US High School Diploma, the IB Diploma, as well as the Ecuadorian diploma.
  3. Three divisions, two programs, one school. This is our community. Our Elementary School includes both our Imagine  bilingual preschool program, and our English-language program from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Five. Middle School is from Grades Six through Grade Eight and our High School is Grades Nine through Twelve. These smaller learning communities provide the perfect size for developmentally appropriate learning for various age groups.  Every student feels that this is their school and that there are adults here who know them and who care about their well-being.
  4. Learn in community. We promote learning for all members of our community  - students, parents, faculty and staff alike. We are proud of being learners, and we enjoy collaborating with one another to refine good ideas and make them better together. Our Principals are instructional leaders who promote reflection for the improvement of teaching and learning. At our school, there is always something new going on and we never stop learning! We like it that way!
  5. Communication in English is important. English is the medium of instruction here, and learning to speak, listen, read and write well in English is a high priority for us. We are proud of our many bilingual/multilingual students and we want to ensure that they communicate confidently in the English language.
  6. Difference makes us strong. We welcome students from diverse cultural, ethnic and language backgrounds, and accept a managed number of students from across the full spectrum of learning differences. We believe that all people have intrinsic value and we promote awareness, understanding and respect for diversity. We are also an international community, with 35 nationalities from around the world. Being globally-minded is a quality we cultivate throughout our school.
  7. Technology is our friend. We are wireless and connected. Using new digital tools and social media platforms enhances learning for everyone. Technology is part of our daily life and helps us to master new skills such as creativity, innovation, media literacy, critical thinking, and adaptability.
  8. Our faculty is caring and skillful. 83% of our teachers have advanced graduate degrees, 67% of our Teaching Assistants have Bachelor's degrees. 61% of our Faculty graduated from an English Language University abroad. We have a balance of local and international teachers and a very low teacher-student ratio.
  9. Parents are our partners. Parents are the most important people in a child’s life and partnerships with parents are crucial for a child’s future success. At our school, parents can expect to be included, welcomed and vital to our school’s future!
  10. Your voice matters! We believe that schools become stronger and more resilient when everyone has a voice and is valued. We seek and welcome feedback at all levels as part of our campaign for continuous improvement.