Compensation and Benefits

Standard Benefits


  • Local social benefits (13th payment, 14th payment and reserve fund) according to Ecuadorian Law.


  • International medical insurance coverage including dependents

The School will pay medical insurance premiums for a major medical policy for professional staff members and their spouses and legally dependent children.  Policies will carry a co-payment responsibility and take effect 1 August of each year.  Should the school incur a surcharge for employees who have children aged 24 or younger studying as full-time students and residing in North America, or any other special condition, that surcharge will become the responsibility of the employee. The School may subsidize the deductible in order to reduce the impact on claimants.

  • Fully funded life insurance coverage


  • Interest free car loan (upon approval)


  • Extensive professional development opportunities

Academia Cotopaxi is dedicated to providing focused staff development intended to enhance the program offered to our students.  Professional Development (PD) sponsored by the school addresses specific divisional goals and school initiatives and is intended as a school obligation to assure quality instruction for students and not as an employment benefit for faculty.   Planning and implementation of PD is overseen by the Administration and is heavily advertised throughout the school.

The school does sponsor faculty member participation in international conferences and in specific, in-depth training for focused initiatives.  Professional faculty members who are sent to such training opportunities are expected not only to apply what they learn to their teaching, but also to share what they have learned with the school community in the appropriate venue.

Individual PD opportunities are available to all professional and paraprofessional faculty members who have contracts for the following school year. If the professional or paraprofessional faculty member does not have (or renew) their contract for the following year, the employee will need to reimburse the school for the cost of the PD.  The amount of the funds will be deducted from their salary over the last six months of employment. All personnel participating in individual PD activities at the School’s expense will be required to sign a reciprocal agreement form when requesting PD funds.  Workshops or conferences not completed will require reimbursement from the participant of all expenses paid by the school, unless non-completion is beyond the participant’s control.

  • Education scholarship for up to 2 children

All faculty staff is entitled to receive a tuition benefit. Each child needs to meet the school’s admission requirements. Full-time professional staff members will receive 100% scholarship support related to tuition, application fee, capital fee, registration fee, re-registration fee, busing, ESL and resource services for up to two (2) of their legally dependent children per family at one time to attend Academia Cotopaxi.  IB costs, cafeteria services or any other service the school may choose to offer in the future will not be covered by this benefit unless included in the normal tuition charged to parents.

  • Comprehensive leave policy (personal, medical, bereavement, maternity, paternity, recruitment)


  • Bonuses (holiday, lunch, end of contract)


  • Staff bus transportation options


  • Longevity bonus & recognition


Additional Benefits for International Hires:


  • Housing allowance

The School will provide Foreign-hire Foundation employees with an allowance to assist with the costs of housing in Quito. The benefit will be standard for all Foreign-hire Foundation employees, and differentiated by family size.  In order to be flexible to the employees' needs and preferences, the benefit amount is paid directly to the employee in a monthly bases. Relationship with landlord is managed by the employee. Most of our employees live close to the school (Monteserrin neighborhood), el Batan or Cumbaya. We encourage our new hires to look in advance and work with your assigned buddy to find the best place for you.

  • Settling in allowance

The School will provide Foreign-hire Foundation employees with an allowance to assist with the costs of establishing a domicile in Quito at the start of their contract.   The benefit is paid in cash to facilitate the first weeks in Ecuador.


  • Shipping allowance to/from home of record

The School will provide Foreign-hire Foundation employees with an allowance to assist with the costs of moving personal goods to Quito at the start of their contract and again at the end of the contract when the employee returns to the Home of Record.  The allowance will be paid as a reimbursement of documented employee expenses. As an alternative, reimbursement for actual expenses for other methods of shipping, such as air freight or extra luggage, may be requested, the total amount not to exceed the cost of the base surface shipping benefit.


  • Annual summer travel allowance for faculty & dependents

Having time “for you” helps to keep the balance between work and life. We encourage our employees to use vacation time to return at home and enjoy the family or maybe travel and explore Ecuador or South America. We provide a summer trip two ways for the employee and qualified dependents. You can use the allowance defined every end of February to reserve with our travel agency or to buy directly a ticket to your home of record or any other destination within the allowance.


  • Transportation from and to home of record


  • International renewal contract

Academia Cotopaxi seeks international contract staff specifically to assure that the program will be enriched and enhanced by teachers who have had a broad range of personal and professional experiences both in and outside of Ecuador.  The school targets having these teachers remain at the school for between 5 and 7 years, but we realize that longer stays are generally harder decisions for such staff to make.  With this in mind, eligible teachers who are members of the Foreign-Hire Foundation staff will be offered significant renewal bonuses to continue their employment at Academia Cotopaxi.


  • Matching retirement savings fund up to 5% of annual salary (first year); 8.33% (second year)

Your retirement plans are important for us. The School will provide an optional matching retirement plan for all International Foundation employees who do not have a retirement clause in their contracts the first year of employment.  The second year the reserve fund will be applied as per law. This is a taxable benefit under Ecuador’s tax code and will be paid through the monthly payroll, with appropriate taxes deducted.