Salary Policy

Compensation and Benefits

We determine salary using a scale that is based on a combination of years of experience and formal education.

Professional staff members (for example: Principals, Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Learning Specialists) are generally employed on a twelve-month fiscal year beginning August 1st and ending on July 31st.  All salary and benefits are paid in direct proportion to assigned workloads.

In order to be placed on the Cotopaxi Salary Schedule, Professional Staff must submit proof of an undergraduate degree or graduation from a 4-year university or college program or the equivalent, proof of an earned graduate degree (if claimed), and transcripts showing any graduate school credits earned beyond the most advanced degree earned degree.

All Professional Staff at Academia Cotopaxi are placed on the same salary scale, which includes all benefits required under Ecuadorian Law.  Salaries are paid as a proportion of the contracted work load.  The salary step is multiplied by the percentage load to determine the final salary.

Hours on the salary schedule are semester hours.  Quarter hours are converted to semester hours by multiplying the number reported by 2/3.  Initial placement is determined by review of each person’s resume, diplomas and transcripts and approved by the Director.

Professional staff members may transfer up to 8 years of prior full-time teaching experience for initial placement on the salary schedule (STEP 8).  Experience must be in a school that is fully accredited by a U.S. agency or its equivalent, although the Director may accept years of experience from other schools when appropriate to the situation at hand.  Only full years of full-time experience qualify for transfer: part-time work and substitute work are not acceptable for transfer credit.  Professional Staff who leave Academia Cotopaxi and return at another time are subject to the same rules for initial placement as those entering the school’s employ for the first time.

The annual salary includes the total of all benefits required under contract and applicable law.  Professional staff members must comply with all legal requirements of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Finance and Ecuadorian Social Security (IESS).