Work at AC


At Academia Cotopaxi we care about people. People give life and purpose to our organization: they teach, interact, lead our projects, develop, learn, grow and support every aspect of our community. Every member of our staff supports our mission and we aim for a high level of professionalism, ethics, and respect in all that we do. We are convinced that we can positively impact society (and the world!) through education; not only education of our students but also of our staff and our community at large. We are all about learning and invite people to work at Academia Cotopaxi who have growth mindsets: open to learning, challenging assumptions, exploring new paths and bringing innovative ideas to discussions and projects.

Of course we care deeply about quality education and we recognize both formal training and studies as well as experience when we select candidates to work at our school. At AC, we care about people and invite people who want to be part of a community in motion and a school in transformation to explore joining our community.