Dear Families,
This last week of school is a special one for all of us. We are spending our time together focusing on reflections and community! 5th graders invited us to carry out a spirit week and it is a gift to witness all the enthusiasm from children and staff. I can’t wait for Wacky Day on Thursday!

On Friday, we will hold assemblies with all students. The links are below. As part of our assembly, Mr. Josep will invite all participants to illustrate their own Cougar which your child can use throughout the summer to document their reading. So, we ask that you make sure your child has a letter size paper or cereal box where she/he can draw, pencil, and markers.  Because the theme is ice-cream or yummy foods, we invite you to share a snack with your children and make it special. We also encourage you to connect with other families and find ways for your child to continue to interact with friends over the summer and if their friends are moving to different countries or if you are moving, make a plan of how the friendships will be maintained. Remember, once a Cougar, always a Cougar!

Friday, June 12, 2020
Ice-Cream or Yummy Food Day
Last Day of School

I am enjoying reading each of the narratives that your teachers are writing about your child’s learning and will send you directions on how to access those at the end of the week. Your celebrations will be approved by teachers so that these appear in your child’s journals.
So, this is not my last communication with you… more to come at the end of the week.
Always Together,
Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal