hs june 2

Dear Families,
Thank you for celebrating childhood this week! We enjoyed the time with them as a community in our assembly and we saw how they enjoyed seeing their friends from other classes and grades.  
In next week’s newsletter, we will share our summer recommendations. We are in the process of identifying resources that are appropriate and responsive to the environment that we are living in. Some parents have presented concerns regarding what children have “missed” during these times, and what we understand is that each child has had a unique personal experience, an experience that has been different than what would have happened if they were in school. We know that their experience as responsible and autonomous learners have been strengthened and their inquiring minds have resulted in multiple creative expressions and solutions.
Please note that school continues to be closed, yet there is a process for families who are permanently moving to complete the withdrawal process which includes support for transition from our counselors and also a safe approach to picking up personal items and documentation from campus. You can contact admissions@cotopaxi.k12.ec to make arrangements and of course our counselors for support. For families who are remaining in Quito, we ask that you pick up belongings in August as school is not yet open and will have the safety systems in place for more families to enter campus at that time.
We are all invited to focus not on what has been “missed” but what we have learned with this experience and use that learning to move forward. Throughout distance learning, teachers have provided differentiated approaches that meet students' individual needs. Our personalized approach will continue to assure that we meet students where they are at and support their development in the best way possible. 
Below you will find our invitation to you to celebrate that learning that was included in our most recent email to families.

Parent celebration of learning: Please submit as a post using the SeeSaw Classroom App. You can use your child’s device to submit (Grades 3-5) if that is easier.  Your homeroom teacher will approve the post between Wednesday, June 10 and Thursday, June 11 so, please submit before June 10.

Through these last weeks, you have observed your children’s actions and reactions. You have probably been marveled by their smiles and how these bring you happiness. There may have been times when your child’s hug gave you the strength you were needing. While so much has been “paused,” your child’s development and growth has continued and children have given us the most beautiful lessons of kindness, of resilience, of adaptability and of love. 

So, we invite you to prepare a personal celebration for your child to include in their SeeSaw Journal. What your celebration looks like is up to you. It can be a video (no more than 5 minutes and max 500 MB), a letter, a song, a drawing with voice note... The idea is that your child will feel that you have observed them with admiration and with respect. You will share what you have seen them do as learners and members of the family. Below are some guiding questions that may be helpful in thinking about your child as a positive contributor to his/her learning and the wellbeing of others:

  • What do you admire about your child’s ideas and thinking?
  • What are moments that you have observed that your child is naturally engaged?
  • What are new interests that have awakened during this time?
  • How have you seen your child self-regulating at home?
  • How have you observed that your child supports others at home, brings them happiness, or helps with household responsibilities?
  • What can you celebrate about your child’s interactions with others in your home?

Always Together,
Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal