Dear Parents and Colleagues,

This week we will be hosting two Thought Exchanges, one in English and the other in Spanish to gather ideas and thoughts from parents and faculty to help us in our planning by knowing what you are thinking about the current and near future opportunities and challenges we collectively face as a community at IMAGINE and Academia Cotopaxi with respect to COVID-19. Below is the link to join the Thought Exchange.

Watch live stream: https://youtu.be/SSaGmiHJVXU​​​​​​​
4:00 p.m | (English version)
7:00 p.m. (Spanish version)

Thank you to all the parents who have completed the re-enrollment questionnaire. We still have a significant amount of parents who have not completed this survey. We understand that many of you have doubts or questions about next year, that information itself is very valuable for helping us to plan so please EVERYONE fill in the survey, it is quick and all data we gather helps us better navigate through next year and the immediate benefactors of this information are our students.

On behalf of all of our students, teachers and support staff, I look forward to seeing you in the Thought Exchange.


Robert van der Eyken