I recently posted this on the MS student bulletin: I want to congratulate you, Middle Schoolers! The majority of you are on time to class, attending all classes, and engaging in your class sessions. This is wonderful! Some of you, though, are struggling and are consistently late. Please talk to your parents about helping you find a system to get to your class meetings on time. You might need to set an alarm on your computer, or you might need a reminder from someone in your house. You can do it!!

Parents, you know your children better than we do (and I suspect, better than you did two months ago!). Please, please, please, if you know that your child has difficulty managing their time and their distractions, talk with your child about a plan, and, as much as possible, help to support this plan at home. Although Middle Schoolers are gaining independence and like to do things on their own, many of them still need adult guidance. Thank you, as always, for your support!

Counselor’s Corner - Aubrey Jordan
Last week in FLEX time, mentor groups had the opportunity to work together to create their own “Messages of Hope” to share with each other and the community. Please take a look at all of the groups’ creations, and hopefully they bring a bit of hope and smile to your face :) 
Messages of Hope from the AC Middle School

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