Dear Families,
We are looking forward to the conversations that will take place this week during conferences. We want to offer you the best experience possible as we co-construct a deeper understanding of children’s learning. Below you will find the communication that was sent to you last week with the links for conferences with specials. Homeroom teachers have sent their schedules to you directly.
Counselors are also looking forward to connecting with you on Tuesday, May 12 at 2:00 p.m. for the Zones of Regulation at Home Parent Workshop - No registration required. Follow this link to join:
Conferences Communication:

On May 14 and 15, we will hold virtual parent teacher conferences. During our conversation, we will celebrate your child’s growth and also speak about next steps. Conversations are scheduled for 20 minute periods with homeroom teachers. Schedules for homerooms will be shared by your homeroom teachers. If you would like to schedule a time with any of your child’s specials’ teachers (Art, Music, PE, Spanish), please scroll to the bottom of this document. 
This distance learning experience has given us a unique opportunity to partner with you as we support your child’s learning through a strong partnership. We are looking forward to your contributions during conferences as you have been accompanying your child and observing their learning first hand during the last weeks. Together, we will co-construct a deeper understanding of your child’s development and will use that understanding to further impact learning and well-being. 
Below are a set of suggested guiding questions for your reflection and observations/conversations with your children that we ask that you consider prior to conferences.

Guiding questions for you to engage with your child:

  • What have you discovered as the best parts of distance learning? 
  • What have you learned how to do during this time at home?
  • What would you be excited to learn about next?
  • What/Who has helped you as a learner during this time of learning from home?

Guiding questions for parent reflections (jot down your reflections to bring to conferences):

  • What positive discoveries have you made about your child as a learner that perhaps you did not know before?
  • What positive discoveries have you made about your child’s way of playing and learning through play that you did not know before?
  • How has your child responded to this way of learning- working online; working with parent as a partner/coach; coping with #stayathome reality?
  • How is your child contributing to your family’s experience?
  • What opportunities exist in your family structure/dynamics for your child to express emotions and build resilience?

Homeroom Schedule (Will be sent by your child’s teacher)

Art Schedule:
Mr. Josep Navarro (Grades K-5)

Music Schedules:
Ms. Robyn Kammer (Grades PK-2)
Ms. Lacey Iverson (Grades 3-5)

Physical Education Schedules:
Mr. Ennio Leon (Grades PK-2)
Ms. Danielle Taylor (Grades 3-5)

Spanish Schedules:
Ms. Elsa María Crespo
Ms. Natalia Houser
Ms. Lorena Bueno
Ms. Daniela Salazar

Always together,
Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal