Dear High School Parents and Students,

Thank you for your continued effort and commitment to our distance learning programme. Here is our HS newsletter for this week. Be safe!

Conversation with the HS Admin team - May 7 at 1:00 p.m.
As we are running into May, I would like to invite you to a Conversation with the High School Admin team on Thursday, May 7 at 1:00 p.m.

We will address some programme updates, take a moment to share the status of the Class of 2020 events, celebrate our student-driven initiatives and listen to our counselors. We will also answer your questions that I am kindly asking you to send me before the event, by May 6, so that we can categorise them.

Mr. Brian Voeller, Associate Principal and IB Diploma Coordinator, Ms. Delaney Keyes Voeller, High School Counselor, Mr. Lysha Wasser, College Counselor, Mr. Juan José Fuentes, Athletic Director, and Ms. Leigh Murrell, Instructional Coach, will all join me to run this session and answer your questions.

We shall have this conversation in my “meeting room”, here: https://cedia.zoom.us/j/9238512101

We all look forward to seeing you on May 7 at 1:00 p.m.

Plans for June
In the light of the current circonstances, and after many meetings and conversations in our different teams, we have decided to not hold the Semester 2 exams in June this year. Our new reality with distance learning raises the question of the validity and the meaningfulness of such exams. In lieu of traditional exams, each department will hold final summative tasks that will allow all students to demonstrate their growth and mastery of content and skills. 

We have also decided to maintain the Capstone presentations. Those are typically the culmination of the reflections on students’ ATL and CAS goals from the beginning of the year. While this is still going to represent some aspects of this year’s Capstone presentations, we shall ask students to reflect on their own experience with distance learning and what they have learned about themselves as learners.

Those decisions will impact our scheduling of the last weeks in June since we will not have an exam week as such but we will calendar the Capstone presentations with mentors and parents will be invited to those.

Change to our Seniors Events
As you might know by now, the Class of 2020 events, including the senior breakfast, farewell, roll call and graduation, are going to be postponed to a later date. This is tough for them, their families and all of us really. But we will host a special Seniors Awards and GoodBye Ceremony on May 29 at 1:30 p.m.

NHS Tutoring
Our fantastic National Honor Society, lead by Ms. Gallé, are launching a peer to peer tutoring
AC Highschool, the NHS has been working hard to figure out how we can best serve you during this time of remote learning. We've put together a tutoring list of some of our most capable students so you can get the help you'll need while we're all at home. The tutors' names and subjects can be found in the first tab of the document, and the schedules are available on the second tab. Please don't hesitate to set up a meeting with them for anything academically related, be it help on math, history, or even tips on organization/homework skills!

Meet with Teachers - Schedule Appointments
We will continue to encourage students to set up appointments with teachers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to meet with our teachers.

CAS at Home
Mr. Shulman and Ms. Faidutti have created a google classroom to share ideas of cool CAS experiences that can be done at home. The CAS code is cmtf4ra. Those ideas will contribute to maintaining a healthy and balanced life.

Reminder of Netiquette
It is crucial that, together, we maintain strong and positive ways to interact and to present ourselves online. Please support us so that students respect the following netiquette.

Thank you,
Fred Bordaguibel
High School Principal