Dear AC and IMAGINE Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for your never ending support as we have carried out these past weeks of distance learning. This manifests itself differently at each age level. Middle and High School students are fairly independent. They need guidance and encouragement. This is different with younger children. Without your time to further explain, take pictures and videos, as well as email back and forth with your child’s teacher(s), we would never have been able to do this.

We understand that the challenges that each family is facing during this time (scheduling, WIFI connection, etc.) are very different from one another. We have sent out various surveys for your feedback. This is important in helping us help you. This is a team effort. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s distance learning experience, I encourage you to communicate those directly with your child’s teacher(s) so they can address them immediately. Please note that we continue to follow our school calendar including the statutory holidays of May 1 and May 25.

This situation has required us to interface more with technology than we could have ever imagined. And yet there really is a disconnect between the devices we depend upon and our understanding of it. Here is a great "TED TALK" about curiosity and may provide some ideas of some off-track inquiries in the home. 

This moment is providing opportunities for your children to explore and experiment in new ways. Last week I was a “patient” for some 8th grade students who explained a rare hereditary condition in my family. The science lesson was as creative and interesting as anything I have ever observed in a classroom. The students who consulted with me really knew their stuff, and taught me things about genetics I never knew. When I visit the elementary Seesaw portfolios I see gems of learning that you as parents would never have seen if your children were at home. Years from now you will have these records to look back upon to not only remember your family persevered through these days, but to celebrate magic moments of an age that your children will quickly grow beyond. 

As the speaker in the above "TED TALK" mentioned, there are many opportunities to experiment at home. Here is video of a brother and sister team from Academia Cotopaxi experimenting with eggs and physics in their own backyard during these days of quarantine. Not only are their experiments interesting, but look at the quality of the video they produced! Honestly, I first thought it was something coming from a formal educational organization, not our students. Children learn through play, learning and creativity is not restricted to a computer screen but with a computer it can be captured and cherished.

Have a great week.


Robert van der Eyken