We have a good rhythm going in the Middle School, and although we would all much prefer to be at school, I am delighted to note that the vast majority of our Middle Schoolers are fully engaged with distance learning and we are incredibly proud of each and every student. The House Leaders are working on a plan for student activities for the next two months, to help sustain the wonderful MS community we have built. The counselors are working on a plan to provide parent workshops online. The Principals are working with our teams to re envision our yearly student and parent transition events. There is always a lot happening at AC, and this continues, even at a distance. We will be in touch with dates and times as they are confirmed. 

Counselor’s Corner - Aubrey Jordan
Every week the counseling team sends out a survey to students to measure how they are feeling and managing in certain areas such as classes, physical activity, sleep habits, and peer connections. Not surprisingly, the majority of MS students who complete the survey are consistently reporting a very low level of connection with classmates. Now that we know Distance Learning will continue through the remainder of the school year, it is important to assist our MS students in building that social time into their schedule. We will be building in more social and community-building activities from the school side, and I encourage you to help your child schedule virtual “play dates” with their friends. Although video games and text chats are a great way of staying connected, using a platform to have some “face” time with their friends will foster that sense of belonging and connection. If you would like to speak more about ways you can help your child maintain peer connections during this time, please do not hesitate to email me at:

Service Learning
Due to the fact that everyone currently has different opportunities available, there will not be a service learning requirement in the Middle School for second semester. There are still, though, many ways that families can be involved in helping the community during this time. We will be highlighting some innovative projects in May’s Service Learning newsletter, and for now, here are some ideas to get you thinking. 

1) Do an art project through Zoom with young children in your social network  
2) Read stories to others on Zoom
3) Sew masks for people who need them 
4) Make a meal and deliver it to someone in need
5) Start an online cooking show highlighting some of your family recipes
6) Record a concert to share with family 
7) Zoom with a grandparent

On the horizon, the school is planning to maintain the holiday on May 1. This means a long weekend with no classes on Friday, May 1.

We wish you good health and safety. If you have questions regarding any or all things Middle School, do not hesitate to reach out.

With kind regards,

Sheryl Gruber
Middle School Principal
"We are responsible for being informed global citizens who understand and affect positive change."