es mar 17

Dear Families,
We cannot thank you enough for your engagement with your children. This tremendous challenge also brings beautiful possibilities. Learning is taking a new form, collaborative family engagement is being redefined, and time has a new meaning. Play is more important than ever! The invitation we now have to play as a family is an opportunity for us to strengthen our relationships and truly enjoy each other. The image for this week’s letter is from one of our 3rd grade students on SeeSaw. Enjoy!
We are all juggling multiple roles, and we recognize that your contributions to making distance learning and virtual learning work are critical. On Thursday, you will receive a feedback survey so that you can provide us with the family input.  We will send out this quick survey every Thursday. We are reflecting as we go, and appreciate your voice!  We will be making modifications in response to needs, so understanding families’ perspectives periodically is critical. 
We strongly believe that providing for children’s emotional well being is the most important role we all have. Your counselors, teachers and admin members are here to support, so don’t hesitate to reach out.  For teachers, please contact them via SeeSaw, for counselor’s please see below, and for admin, you can reach us via email at (Paola de Pereira); (Veronica Rodriguez); (Robin Wheeler).
Please note that in elementary, we will be tracking student engagement and use posts on SeeSaw to track. This tracking is not evaluative, and will be used to help us analyze tasks as we move along. Your teacher or counselor will get in touch with you if we see that there has been no engagement beginning next week. If your child is ill or you are facing circumstances that do not allow for your child to be engaged in the assigned distance learning activities, please let your homeroom teacher know.  

From our Counselors
Our AC Counseling Team has a new AC Counselor Corner website dedicated to the emotional health and wellbeing of our entire AC community during this time. On this site, you can find articles and tips to help you and your child adapt to all of the changes brought by COVID-19. We know there are a lot of emotions and challenges to navigate through, but I am here to help. You can easily schedule a “student check-in” for your child or a “parent consultation” by clicking Schedule an Appointment and clicking on the counselor’s name that you would like to speak to. Select the type of appointment you would like and then choose the available day and time. A Google Calendar invite will be sent to you via Google, with a Google Meet code. If you have any questions or difficulties, please do not hesitate to email counselors at (Ms. Tanya Gr. PK - 1) and (Mr. Sam Gr. 2-5).

Warm regards,
Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal