ms mar 17

Even before talking about distance learning, I would like to give a big shout out to our Visual and Performing Arts department. Although last week was unusual, to say the least, we were still treated to a captivating art assembly, wonderful piano performances, and an excellent orchestra/band concert. And, we were prepared for some phenomenal art activities (which were postponed, not cancelled!). Thank you to our colleagues for not only treating us, but also modeling flexibility and resilience! 

In this new era of distance learning, please remember that the MS team is here for you! As always, your first point of contact for classroom learning is your child’s teacher. If you need tech help, please contact Todd Hollett ( or Santiago Albuja ( And, of course, do not hesitate to contact me or the MS Office.

You all received an email last Thursday afternoon with details on supporting distance learning. Here is a reminder of family expectations:

Families are expected to:

  • Create a family distance learning plan to include:
    • Identifying adequate learning spaces.
    • Determining who will be the adult or adults that will support continuity of learning. Ideally this is a parent.
    • Engaging children in social activity and interaction.
  • Contact Maria Leonor (382-3270 Ext.2006 or if your child is too ill to participate in distance learning, or if they will not attend a certain class for an extenuating circumstance (such as poor internet or appointments). Attendance will continue as usual. Please note that if your internet goes down, all Google applications are available on your cell phone.
  • Ensure that your child has their Cotopaxi Email, Google Classroom, and Google Calendar OPEN by 8:00 a.m. each day.
  • Support students with the Google platform, or direct them to their teachers for support. 
  • Monitor the Middle School Student Bulletin on Google Classroom. The day schedule will be posted every day before 8:00 a.m.
  • Respond to teacher emails. Teachers will be contacting parents regarding missed work or if a student misses a class session. If a teacher schedules an individual student meeting in the afternoon, parents will be contacted.
  • Email teachers to schedule parent/teacher meetings, if desired. 
  • Ensure your child follows the MS Dress Code when they are participating in class meetings.
  • Please refer to Academia Cotopaxi’s Parent Distance Learning Guidelines.

Counselor’s Corner - Ms. Aubrey
Our AC Counseling Team has a new AC Counselor Corner website dedicated to the emotional health and wellbeing of our entire AC community during this time. On this site, you can find articles and tips to help you and your child adapt to all of the changes brought by COVID-19. We know there are a lot of emotions and challenges to navigate through, but I am here to help. You can easily schedule a “student check-in” for your child or a “parent consultation” by clicking Schedule an Appointment and scrolling down to my name. Select the type of appointment you would like and then choose the available day and time. A Google Calendar invite will be sent to you via Google, with a Google Meet code. If you have any questions or difficulties, please do not hesitate to email me as well at

Once again, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding distance learning in the Middle School.

With kind regards,

Sheryl Gruber
Middle School Principal
(593-2) 382-3270 ext. 2001
"We are responsible for being informed global citizens who understand and affect positive change."