Dear High School Parents and Students,

Here we go. We are about to embark on a different learning journey and together we will make this work. I sent a communication on Thursday that I am copying below, but in a nutshell:

  • We are following our block schedule-please get online at the beginning of your classes.
  • We are continuing to use ManageBac and Google Classroom.
  • For classes together or one on one meetings, we have been using Google Meet but we are going to transition to Zoom. 
  • As usual, your teachers are here to support you all.

For the online classes or the one on one meetings remember that those are the expectations for students:

  • I am on time for class or my teacher meeting (my teacher will be taking attendance).
  • I turn off or mute my computer notifications.
  • I mute my microphone unless it is my turn to speak. 
  • I use the chat feature to ask questions and to answer a question my teacher asks.
  • I use my headphones.
  • I have my camera turned on.
  • I dress appropriately for the class
  • I am in an appropriate room for the class.

The partnership between parents, students and AC is now more important than ever as we are not going to be able to be physically together. As always we strongly believe every parent has a critical role to play in ensuring your child’s educational success. As we move to distance learning, this is even more true. You will find below the elements of our regular school days that we are keeping during this time and those that we are adapting to. The High School and myself thank you in advance for our increased partnership. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn together.


Here is what we have decided for the High School to maintain continuity with how and when we work with High School students.

What are we keeping?

  • Our rotation block schedule (inserted above as  a graphic).
  • Our communication through ManageBac and Google Classroom.
  • Attendance will be kept on Skyward.
  • Contact the HS Office on this phone number (0999224729) if your child is too ill to participate in distance learning, or if they will not attend a certain class for an extenuating circumstance. Attendance taking will continue as usual. 
  • Email teachers to ask questions and schedule virtual parent/teacher meetings, if desired. 

What are we adapting to?

  • Use of Google Meet and we are going to transition to Zoom (Since we will not going to be able to meet face to face with our students).
  • Google Meet sessions are recorded.
  • Meet with teachers at the regular time (as per our normal rotation schedule) for group sessions or one or one sessions.

High School Virtual Day Expectations for Students

Families are expected to:

  • Create a family Distance Learning Plan  and  decide on the following:
    • Identify adequate learning spaces.
    • Determine who will be the adult or adults that will support continuity of learning. Ideally this is a parent.
    • Engage children in social activity and interaction.
    • Encourage children to take screen free breaks.
  • Check in regularly during student distance learning time.
  • Support students with their online interactions with teachers through ManageBac and the Google platform and direct them to their teachers for support.
  • Respond to teacher emails. Teachers will be contacting parents regarding missed work or if a student misses a class session.
  • Please refer to Academia Cotopaxi’s Parent Distance Learning Guidelines.

Thank you,
Fred Bordaguibel
High School Principal