Dear Cotopaxi and IMAGINE Community,

Boy Scouts Meeting Reminder
There is a meeting tonight (March 10) for parents interested in having their son or daughter participate in a Boy Scouts group here at Academia Cotopaxi. The meeting is at 6:00 p.m. in the Library.

Board Strategic Planning Update
This week the Board and people from across our community will be focused on Strategic Planning for the future of our school. Board member, Luis Flores, discusses this in detail in the latest Cotopaxi Conversation.

COVID-19 Update
I would like to assure you, we are taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously. Our number one priority is protecting the health, welfare and wellbeing of all who constitute our community.
All health or safety messages are sent to each adult community member’s email. SMS messages are sent as reminders. An Emergency Preparedness webpage is regularly updated for your reference. We are preemptively preparing students for distance learning - just in case. This situation is being thrust upon schools and communities around the world. Although challenging, it is also an opportunity for teachers and parents to be co-educators and role models of how to manage and overcome difficult times.
It is imperative that we remain calm, not subscribing to hysteria or false information on social media. AC/IMAGINE only references official health and education agencies for decisions and communications. We ensure what we communicate is timely and as accurate as possible through collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other schools in Ecuador and around the world.

Rest assured we are trying our best for the school’s community to provide a safe and well-protected environment at this difficult time.

Please note the following updates regarding special events and activities:

  • Board Strategic Planning - The Board Strategic Planning retreat is continuing as planned and communicated. Board member Luis Flores discusses this in detail in the latest Cotopaxi Conversation.
  • Swim Meet in Brazil - Cancelled.
  • Swim Meet at Colegio Alemán - Postponed pending further notice.
  • Fine Arts Festival - Cancelled involving other schools but we will still have concerts on campus for AC students and parents as scheduled.
  • The status of other events will be communicated pending further assessment and logistical analysis.

The following are actions we are taking based on latest guidelines from the Ministry of Education:

  • Dry cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Fever over 38° C
  • Respiratory difficulty


Student or staff member returns from (traveled to) a high risk country:

  • Parents or individual must notify the school and contact a formal health service provider (doctor, clinic).
  • Student or individual cannot come to school for 14 days.
  • If a returning student or individual is confirmed to have COVID-19, school must notify the Ministry of Education. The school will determine further actions according to level of risk.
  • Parents must contact school to justify the absence and distance learning instructions.

Student, member of the family, or regular domestic help shows symptoms:

  • Parents/guardians must notify health services.
  • Student and siblings cannot attend school until doctor’s clearance.
  • If confirmed to be Covid-19, the school must notify the Ministry of Education, following their protocols.
  • Parents must contact school to justify the absence.

Student or staff member shows symptoms while at school:

  • School contacts parents of student, the medical office determines if symptoms match COVID-19 criteria and if so, calls 171 for initial evaluation, parents must come and take student home as soon as possible, employee must report to health care provider.
  • School reinforces extra cleaning.
  • School to monitor the case.
  • If a COVID-19 positive, school reports to Ministry.
  • Parents must contact school to justify the absence and distance learning instructions.

General requirements of schools

  • Soap, antibacterial gel, paper towels readily available.
  • Campaign healthy habits, how to wash hands, etc.
  • Reinforcing hand washing and sanitizing throughout the day, before and after breaks and lunch, after visits to the bathroom, before going home, and when arriving home.
  • Air out classrooms and other places where students gather - you can assist by opening windows at appropriate times such as when students are not in class. Cleaning staff will be doing this after school also.
  • Extra cleaning of students’ tables and chairs by cleaning staff.
  • Assign academic activities for absent students as appropriate - this will vary depending on age, subject, and circumstances related to absence, as well as, the health condition of students.
  • Large events/gatherings to be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Anyone showing symptoms must stay home and not come to school. 
  • Buses are cleaned before each trip with disinfectant and provided with sanitizer.