Dear Parents,

We are thrilled to welcome Lauren Pool, your incoming HS Principal,  for her transition visit. Lauren will be coming all the way from Jakarta next week. She will be with us, in the HS, on March 11-12 and on March 13-14 she will be involved in the Board retreat to contribute to the new Strategic Plan. This visit is crucial for all of us and our HS parents reps will have a meeting with Lauren. We are also inviting all HS parents for a “meet and greet” session on Thursday at 12:30 p.m., in the HS Learning Commons. Please RSVP here.

School Uniform
Please help us reinforce that the school uniform must be worn.

Student-Led Conferences - March 26
Please mark your calendar for our Semester 2 student-led conferences. More to come about this.

ASB Elections
We had solid speeches and strong candidates elected. Well done to all candidates who ran last week. As a team, we feel that this was a great election and all candidates rose to the challenge and respected our election rules. Thank you everyone. Our new ASB is:

President: Liam Malik
VP: Marissa Quintanilla
🐻 Bear Captains: Valentina Urbicain & Elías Andrade 
🐆 Jaguar Captains: Maico Lin & Bella Bright
🦜 Toucan Captains: Isabella Miño & Fabiola Pérez
🦈 Shark Captains: Joaquín Bautista & Antonio Nmeir

Baby Think it Over
10th graders are doing the Baby Think it Over program this week. For 11th and 12th graders, be compassionate and remember what you learnt from this. 9th graders, this is coming to you next year.

Board Invitation
Please see at the top the Board invitation to be part of the Strategic Plan process!

IB Mocks are on this week. Good luck to everyone.

Thank you,
Fred Bordaguibel
High School Principal