Dear Parents,
First of all, thank you to the approximately 200 people who have so far, participated in the Communications Survey. There is still time to give your input and help us with ideas to improve your ability to be informed and connected to the school. The invitation went out through this newsletter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and emails. It only takes a couple minutes to do and the data we receive is very powerful. In upcoming newsletters we will communicate a summary of our findings. Again, here is the link to the Communications Survey.
In the December 10 Newsletter, the nature of recruiting teachers in the international school world was described. The number of international schools like Academia Cotopaxi is growing exponentially but unfortunately teaching as a profession in general is attracting fewer people and the large number of teachers are approaching retirement age, not a good combination. Consequently, schools need to begin recruiting for earlier, than in the past.
Here at Academia Cotopaxi we have been actively recruiting to replace our departing teachers since October and have been very successful. Most positions have been filled. Although our salaries cannot compare to schools in other regions or high demand, our school’s reputation as a leading-edge institution with respect to inclusion, the quality of our programs and the positive professional environment and the quality of life in Quito, help us compete with other highly reputable schools in attracting qualified and experienced teachers and administrators. We take this job very seriously and dedicate a lot of time and energy in our efforts to recruit the best possible educators to lead learning for your sons and daughters. Mrs. Paola Torres de Pereira, Mr. Frédéric Bordaguibel-Labayle, and I will be attending a recruitment fair at the end of this month for the last few positions remaining.
We look forward to introducing you to the new teachers. We also appreciate the contributions of those who are leaving. As a teacher’s decision to move is not only a professional, but also a personal decision involving not only their students, but also family and friends, we first allow time for our staff to communicate their decision when they feel appropriate, prior to publicly announcing changes to staffing. Once we have completed our recruitment, you will receive information about the dynamic team of educators who will be joining our exceptional school. This will also be a time to recognize and wish the best to the teachers who will be moving on to new adventures in life and career. As additional evidence of the reputation of our school is the success of our teachers that have found positions at equally excellent schools after working here in beautiful Ecuador.
Thank you and have a wonderful week.