Dear Parents,
On behalf of our faculty, students and support staff I wish all our community members the best in 2020. A new decade is a moment for reflection on where we are and where we are going. We all have mental images of what certain decades represent for us. For example, music and styles of the 90s. Decades mark important times in history, the Roaring Twenties, Hungry Thirties, cultural revolutions of the Swinging Sixties. What will define the 2020s?
We are in the midst of perhaps the biggest change in human history, a third industrial revolution, an era of innovation, social disruption and change. There are huge challenges and opportunities ahead for our global society. We have access to and exposure to more forms of communication than ever in human history. Yet we can feel overwhelmed with the amount and pace of such change. How do we ensure we are properly informed? Schools struggle with these challenges also. One initiative we are taking on this month is to have all our teachers Google Certified to ensure they have the tools and expertise to assist your children to properly and safely navigate the internet.
Another strategy we are undertaking is to make sure we are communicating with YOU, our PARENTS, in the most effective manner. In order to assist in this, I would like to ask all parents to participate in a very brief (2-minute) SURVEY to better know your needs with respect to school communication.
Thank you and please remember that a key element of school success is your sons and daughters arriving to school on time each day. Also, as we communicated prior to the holidays, it is very important to take precautions to prevent the spread of the flu and other illnesses. Here is an interesting video from a school experiment that shows how important it is for children to wash their hands.

Have a wonderful week.