Dear parents,

I hope that this note finds you well. As you know the High School exams start next week and you can find the schedule here as well as in the previous High School newsletters.

As usual, you will notice that many students will be done by either Wednesday morning or afternoon. This allows extra time for make-ups and for getting ready to submit final semester 1 grades that will appear on report  cards and transcripts just after the winter break.

Students are always welcome to be at school when they don’t have an exam as long as they are in the High School areas and supervised. The rest of the school runs regular days of instructional days and we will all respect this.

Juniors who are writing their Extended Essay will be required to be at school on the 19th and 20th of December. We might also require some students to be present when they don’t have exams to finalise some work on an ad hoc basis.

During those stressful exam days, we appreciate your continued support regarding proper breakfasts and good sleeping hours so that students can express their full potential in their finals. 

Athletics News:
QISSA League Season 1 is almost over.  This week are the Final games and schools are playing at their very best level in order to close the season strong. Our JV Boys Volleyball closed their season on the 11th, earning a 3rd place by beating Colegio Einstein. Our Varsity Girls are playing for 3rd place on the 12th against Alliance Academy. 

Moving forward; Season 2 begins on January 7th. The sports offered are:

  • QISSA JV & Varsity Basketball for Boys and Girls     (Tryouts on Jan 7/8)
  • QISSA JV & Varsity Soccer for Boys             (Tryouts on Jan 8/9)
  • HS Swimming for Boys and Girls             (No Tryouts required)
  • HS “Off Season” Volleyball for Boys and Girls     (No Tryouts required)

Basketball Camp: On January 9-12, Global Squad Basketball Academy will be hosting a camp at Academia Cotopaxi for all QISSA school athletes that are interested. The sign up page is active on the link. If you have any questions please contact them directly, their contact information is on the link. 

Thank you to all of our Season 1 coaches for your dedication and leadership. Our Cougars appreciate all your efforts!
Ms. LaJoie    Girls JV Volleyball
Mr. Finney    Boys JV Volleyball
Mr. Leon    Girls and Boys Varsity Volleyball
Ms. Luna    Varsity Girls Soccer
Mr. Paredes    Varsity Girls Soccer
Ms. Braganza    MS & HS Swimming
Ms. Kite    MS & HS Swimming
Mr. Villacís    MS & HS Swimming
Mr. Nyberg    MS & HS Swimming

Thank you,
Fred Bordaguibel
High School Principal