Director's Message 19 Nov 2019


Dear parents,

Welcome to another week of wonder and learning for your sons and daughters at Academia Cotopaxi. I just returned from a NEASC Accreditation Visit in Honduras. This is an important process for accredited international schools to ensure quality education at 2.000 NEASC schools in the USA and 65 other nations. Accreditation includes sharing expertise, sending and receiving visitation committee members from other schools.

Visiting other schools is always insightful. This visitation re-confirmed what I have consistently observed at Academia Cotopaxi. I walk out of each class observation with a growing admiration for the quality of instruction, personalized learning, student engagement and overall quality of learning, happening for your children. Our teachers and administrators are truly doing something special. We are not perfect, no school is, but having worked in seven international schools and having visited many more, I can sincerely tell you there is more innovative learning, respect for diversity and focus on our school mission than the vast majority of schools can claim. Your support is a huge part of this. The numbers of parents that attend school events, conferences (such as this week for Elementary School), etc. is testimony that it takes a community to educate a child. Success is a team effort.

Starting this month, the AC Board Members will be visiting classes with me, to observe your children exploring and learning as part of our strategic planning process. We are looking to push the envelope of learning even further, to better prepare your sons and daughters for a world in a state of enormous change. This short video about the Future of Work shows the extent of change our children face. The task is daunting, preparing children for a future unknown, but we are up to it.