"I hold the fondest memories of my high school time. Great friends, great teachers, great school, and great learning opportunities."



Do you have post high school studies and where?

I studied Business Administration in Universidad de los Andes, Santiago - Chile and then an Executive MBA in ESE Business School, Santiago-Chile.


What are you up to right now?  

I am the Executive Director of the Center for Work and Family (CTF) of the ESE Business School in Santiago, Chile. The mission of the Center is to promote Family Corporate Responsibility (FCR) in business, i.e. to promote leadership, culture and corporate policies that facilitate the integration of employees´ work, family and personal life.

As a society, we have witnessed what is undoubtedly one of the most important socio-demographic changes in the labor force in the post-industrial era: women have entered the labor force on a massive scale. One of the consequences of this socio-demographic shift is an increase in work-family conflict, not only affecting working women but also men who are  increasingly involved in family work.

The CTF is a research Center with a focus on research in topics such as: work life balance, women’s leadership, career development, etc. You can read some of our research in: http://www.ese.cl/ese/site/edic/base/port/centro_trabajo_familia.html


How would you describe the experience you had in working on topics related to work-life balance and female leadership?

For me to be able to research and work in this topics has been an extremely enriching experience. I am extremely happy because I do what I love. As a working mother of four, I can say that my work has also made an impact on my personal life. I am able to balance my work and personal life and I hope that everyone has a chance to do so as well. It is true that there are some things in companies that we cannot change, but there are others that we can work on that allow as to generate positive changes.

What I do can have an impact on so many levels. We have an effect on people, companies and in public politics. For example, we have worked along with many companies in flexible work plans for their workers; or along with a Ministry of Women and Gender for generating changes in some public policies that affect the women workforce.  


 If you were transported back to your high school days, how would you describe it?

I hold the fondest memories of my high school time. Great friends, great teachers, great school, and great learning opportunities.


What did AC do well in order for you to reach your dreams?

Academia Cotopaxi was a strong and empathic community, that allowed me to relate and share with a mixture of cultures. It is where I learned my second language, English, which has opened a lot of doors professionally.  It is also the place that taught me to be open minded, especially regarding other people’s cultures and values.

Academia Cotopaxi provided me with a strong academic foundation as well as so many values which have helped me become what I am now: respect, responsibility, hard work, honesty, leadership, empathy). The teachers were encouraging and cared about each one of us, and taught us to learn differently.


How have you grown since you graduated from AC?

I have developed professionally and also as a person. I have learned to appreciate every aspect and moment of my life: work, family, kids, learning, time for myself, etc.