Thank you to all the parents who attended our director’s session on the future of education.  It is so wonderful to engage in conversations that lead to strengthening the environment and opportunities for our students.   

Our Semester I ends on January 26, and this week and next, our teachers will be carrying out assessments and support student reflection of their own learning.  These assessments will also be used to help students to reflect on their personal academic and social/emotional goals.  Speaking about their own learning is an important skill and you can support that by engaging in celebrating their learning.

We remind you to continue to take precautions to support keeping your children healthy.  If you do have any questions about your child’s health, please do not hesitate to contact our medical office at

Important Dates
January 15 - 19 MAP Testing
January 17 - 6 p.m. Parent Workshop Series (Communicating with your children, Inclusion and Child Protection topics for Elementary) - Save the Date!
January 18 - 6 p.m. Piano Concert for Grades 4 and 5
January 31 - 4th Grade PYP Assembly
Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal