Special aromas, familiar sounds, and decorative sights… We can all probably relate with special times during our childhood celebrating Holidays in different ways.  Your children will have opportunities to engage in traditions with you and these will also stay with them for the rest of their lives.  We do know that these are busy times which can be stressful for children, take them out of their routines, and bring out different reactions. You can support your children by providing relaxing experiences and giving them the best gift of all - your time and affection.

Library Resources
Please keep in mind that all parents are welcome to use our library resources.  Stop by before the break to check-out books that you can read with your children.  You are also welcome to check-out books for your personal reading. 

Schedule for the PK - 2nd Grade Concerts

  • PreK and Kinder concert is Friday, December 15th at 9:30am
  • Grade 1 and Grade 2 concert is on Thursday, December 14th at 2:00pm.

Last day of school for 2017 is December  20.  This is a half day.  We come back to school on January 8, 2018.

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal