Freemans Workshop

This will be a workshop led by noted experts in bilingual education, David and Yvonne Freeman and Ann Ebe, authors of the book:

ESL Teaching: Principles for Success.

About the Authors


Workshop Description

Many students today are bilingual or multilingual who are learning English in our school. We want to instill an appreciation for these learners and provide a rich learning experience for them that honors their linguistic and cultural diversity, and enables them to be successful academically. To meet this goal, all our educators need to understand the process of language acquisition, possess the right mindset to leverage linguistic and cultural diversity, and increase their repertoire of instructional strategies to promote high-level academic achievement for these learners. This workshop will include the following topics with examples from Pre-K to 12:

  • The evolution of terminology – from “English learners” to “emergent bilinguals”
  • Language acquisition theory and practice
  • Stages of language development
  • Academic language – what is it?
  • Strategies for supporting academic language development
  • Language objectives
  • Teaching both academic language and academic content
  • Valuing students’ home languages
  • Translanguaging - using students’ home language as a resource
  • Ways to support students’ first languages, even when you don’t speak those languages