“Living the dream at Silicon Valley. I received a full scholarship to attend FIU’s music program to study jazz performance. BA of Science in Technical Management from Devry University and MBA from Nova Southeastern University”...



38 years -married with Cassandra

What is Samuel doing?

He is Cofounder of Pluma. A mobile professional development and executive coaching platform for a new generation of leaders. Pluma pairs clients with executive coaches for unlimited in-app messaging, monthly calls and curated content. Work with experts in human resources, learning and development and enterprise to deliver an incredible experience that creates lasting value for clients and partners.
Samuel wakes up every day and works towards helping clients become better leaders, managers and colleagues.
Starting his own business has been the most rewarding experience of his life. He thinks Entrepreneurship is hard work, but it is also incredibly fulfilling spending every day thinking about how to be a good manager and leader, both for myself and for others.  He has learned that communication and resilience are incredibly important to success.

Samuel´s thoughts and learnings from Academia Cotopaxi

“The best years of my life, met some of my dearest friends and developed relationships that have been with me since my early childhood.  It was such a unique experience to grow up in Ecuador with people from all over the world, and it was definitely a key factor in who I’ve become as an adult.

Academia Cotopaxi provided me with a strong academic foundation while instilling in me the confidence and optimism I need to succeed. I learned creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and my years at AC taught me that it was okay to question the status quo and think big. Cotopaxi also taught me the importance of helping those in need, and to think in a socially responsible way. Taught me how to relate to people from all different backgrounds, and in my life and career I’ve worked to further develop this sense of empathy.  

I’ve traveled the world, and spent time on six continents, so that has been incredibly important in my life.  I’ve also further developed my passion for music, first as a career musician and now in my personal life.  I think in general as I’ve matured I’ve been able to increasingly process the skills I first learned at AC, and integrate them into my life in a more holistic way.  I focus on my values like volunteering and giving back to my community, and continuing the lifelong pursuit of education and self-improvement.”