“Best time of my life without a doubt (just that I didn’t know about it back then!) I have traveled to over 130 countries, lived in 9 of them, speak 5 languages fluently, done of sort of exciting sports & activities ... , and after each step, you realize that life is not only about getting a job, paying the bills and surviving”...


36 years, Married and “Dad” to 2 beautiful dogs

What is Igor doing?

He is an Economist and South-South Cooperation Specialist @ the World Bank South-South Cooperation Consultant @ IFAD/UN (International Fund for Agricultural Development/United Nations)

Igor’s thoughts and learnings from Academia Cotopaxi

“Enjoyed Outing club, MUN Club, Sports (Volleyball team) my main concerns were getting good grades and enjoying my friends. I grew in a Multicultural environment that gave me a solid and strong foundation for international positions. MUN Club - Very good simulation of UN general council. Just for the fact of dialoguing, negotiating and preparing resolutions really gave me a head start in terms of “real thinking”.

When living alone in another country for university gives you a whole new perspective on what life is all about. You start understanding the idea of “responsibility”, deadlines, and that the world behaves in a way very different from when we were in HS.

I have opened my own company while in Canada, managed to hire over 80 employees, then I sold it, came back to Brazil, restarted everything with a new focus, and then switched everything again 4 years later. Plans are great… having a focus is even better… but I have learned that even more important is: be flexible, take chances and risks. If everything fails… pick yourself up, clean the dust, learn your lesson, and move on. If it succeeds, hurray; time for the next challenge.

We still have some of the “inner child” inside us during HS, but that child seems to fade away year after year post-HS years. It is very important to enjoy HS as much as possible (with responsibility, of course!) and understand that HS is a “division of waters” moment. So the truth is, I have grown a LOT since AC, and hope to grow every day a little more. There is no “end point” for growth. But it’s always great to look back at my HS Yearbooks (still have all of them!) and realize all the steps taken to reach the present moment and AC was a BIG part of it. I can only thank AC for the wonderful moments, and hope that other students will enjoy it as I did!”