Cafeteria Menu


Cafeteria Menu

Being healthy involves much more than just means making sure that you are getting the correct nutrition from the foods you eat, getting adequate sleep, ensuring your day involves some form of physical activities, keeping hydrated, and avoiding germs by washing your hands and being hygienic.

A cafeteria committee (comprised of the school medical staff, cafeteria coordinator, nutritionist and human resource director) review every month the menu that will be served to students and staff. The menu offered is a balanced menu which always contains an entree, protein, salads, carbohydrates, dessert and low sugar drinks.

Academia Cotopaxi has different cafeterias for the different divisions:  one for the Elementary division and another for High School; a snack bar that is available for students in grades 5 to 12; for pre-kinder and kinder, food is served in the classrooms.

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