The New Literacies

Today’s fast-paced global world requires different skills than in the past. What it means to be an educated person in today’s world is not quite the same as it was 100, 50, or even just 25 years ago. Academia Cotopaxi teaches the New Literacies, which include:

Digital and Media literacy. Being competent users of technology, able to locate, organize, understand, and evaluate information using digital technology, able to responsibly use digital tools, and able to flexibly navigate a continuously changing digital world. In addition, experience with various media texts and the ability to understand, analyze, critique and create media of their own.
Global literacy. Global awareness about the interconnectedness of the world today, and the ability to learn from, work collaboratively with, and communicate effectively with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, religions and lifestyles.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills. Communication and Collaboration skills; Creativity and Innovation skills. While these skills were also valued 100 years ago, what is new in today’s world is the global context in which these skills are used, as well as the variety of digital tools and social media in which they are practiced. As well, the particular habits and attitudes that cultivate such skills are important precursors to learning these skills – qualities such as perseverance and grit, curiosity, independent thinking, compassion towards others, social responsibility, and the courage to do what is right.