Your Best Self


Your Best Self

Identity and Commitment


This year at Academia Cotopaxi, we have taken a new step toward managing our corporate identity by launching the Your Best Self campaign.

The values expressed through this branding method are deeply rooted in our institutional culture and in our conduct.  Indeed, we are getting closer to the essence of who we truly are, which in turn brings meaning to what we do, and above all, how we do it.

However, more importantly, our voice does not come from the institutional departments.  We prefer the central figures and benefactors to be the ones who, through their own testimony, determine how Your Best Self is expressed.  We use storytelling resources to expand the possibilities for the key players of this experience – students, teachers, parents, former students - to be the true protagonists of these inspiring stories.

And this brings us to the celebration of diversity.  Different people, different interests, different opinions, all coming together in harmony in a space that is both shared and our own.  A space in which, precisely to celebrate and maintain this diversity, we promote a culture of respect and communication.  It is for this reason that we have chosen to express this spirit with a very free and intense use of colors and lines.  From the visual point of view, which is a visual representation of what we are communicating, Your Best Self is also a campaign about freedom and diversity.

Thus, we can get closer to an identity built through the interpretation of the most genuine interests of our learning community in a manner that is both involved and open to the world.  A community that is aware of new trends and opportunities that offer new knowledge and technology, as well as the best social, economic and environmental practices.  A community that builds the future with the conviction that each and every one of us possesses our own unique set of skills, talents and potential, which is valuable and unbeatable, blessing us with integrity as individuals.

This is Your Best Self.  Discover this state and put it in the service of others, and the entire world.  This is the promise that Academia Cotopaxi renews each and every day, through work performed with joy and commitment.