Who Are AC Alumni?

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Who Are AC Alumni?

Academia Cotopaxi Alumni are both graduates and students who leave after a period of study at Academia Cotopaxi; Alumni form an integral part of our international community. 

AC supports Alumni Relations including the organization of local and overseas alumni events, alumni communications and outreach. As a school we are committed to fostering continued relationships with all of our alumni wherever they may be in the world.

AC’s Board of Trustees invites the participation of alumni as Board Members or Associate Members. The selection process for participants will follow current Board policy.

Alumni Benefits

  • A 50% discount on the pre-registration fee for each alumni child who enrolls.

  • Alumni are part of the Cotopaxi Community and receive an Alumni ID. They are entitled to use the school facilities and are responsible for following the school’s regulations.

    • Alumni can use the Library under the Alumni Library Use Agreement.

    • Alumni can use the pool and sports facilities during the community’s schedule.

    • Alumni will be invited to the school’s events and may collaborate and participate in those events; these events include the annual International Festival, Holiday and Community events, plays and musicals, sporting events, art exhibits, concerts and more!

  • Alumni will have access to the information in the Alumni Database.

Contact alumni@cotopaxi.k12.ec