Teaching and Learning at AC


Teaching and Learning at AC

Academia Cotopaxi is a medium sized school with a total student population of over 800. Our school is comprised of three separate divisions, providing the benefit of smaller learning communities that cater to the unique developmental needs of each age group, while remaining connected as one school. Each division is led by a Principal who is specifically trained and experienced with their division’s age group. Assistant Principals and Guidance Counselors assist with the leadership of each division, along with Teacher Leaders who work collaboratively together to address the needs of all students.

Our Early Childhood & Elementary Division serves Preschoolers through Fifth Graders. At the very beginning of their schooling, these early years provide an important foundation regarding what a student believes about him or herself, how they learn, and the vital relationship between home and school. This division provides two separate programs - our Cotopaxi program which provides an English-language-based Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First through Fifth Grades, housed on our Quito campus, and our bilingual preschool program, called IMAGINE, which serves 12-month-old children to five year olds, on two campuses - Quito and Cumbaya. This division is led by Principal Paola Pereira.

Our Middle School Division includes students from Grades Five through Grade Eight. This age group has unique developmental needs as they move from older childhood through pre-adolescence. Rapidly changing physical features, fluctuating social dynamics, and expanding cognitive skills place challenging new demands on these students. Leadership for this division resides with Principal Sheryl Gruber.

Our High School Division serves students from Grade Nine through Grade Twelve. Teenagers enter this stage of learning with a huge capacity for learning, a growing sense of independence and desire for autonomy. Principal Garth Wyncoll provides leadership for this division.